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Free primary care. No deductibles. Predictable copays.

Members should worry about their health, not their bill.

Introducing the Centivo Partnership Plan

A partner in navigating healthcare

Navigating the healthcare system can be a frustrating and expensive experience. The Centivo Partnership Plan is here to change that – it’s designed to help people use the healthcare system more effectively and offer them affordable healthcare.


A Dedicated Primary Care Team

With the Partnership Plan, members choose a Primary Care Team to help them navigate the healthcare system and coordinate their care. This type of partnership with a primary care provider is widely recognized as the best way to deliver high-quality care and excellent satisfaction. Centivo Network providers meet our high quality standards and offer expanded access to care like same day appointments, 24/7 office phone availability and more.

How It Works

User-friendly member experience


Members learn about their plan and choose a Centivo Network doctor to lead their Primary Care Team. Then they create their personal Health Action Plan, which outlines their preventive care needs, health goals and management strategy for any chronic conditions.

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Members kickstart the new partnership by scheduling an organizing visit with their Primary Care Team. The Primary Care Team will be their first stop any time they need care and will refer them to specialists when needed.

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Members experience a better standard of healthcare by following the professional guidance of their Primary Care Team and adhering to any condition management programs or a personalized care plan if they have one from their doctor.

Centivo Member Care

Unrivaled Customer Service

Centivo’s Member Care Team is focused on delivering the best customer experience, ensuring every individual receives fast, efficient service to resolve issues with minimum fuss. Members experience short wait times, don’t need to deal with long interactive voice response systems (IVRs) and have a dedicated team who gets to know them.

Inbound support:

  • Benefit and enrollment questions
  • Activation support
  • Assistance in finding care
  • Cost estimation
  • Community resources
  • Claims questions
  • Pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) coordination
  • Enrollment in condition management programs

Outbound support:

  • Preventive care reminders
  • Gaps in care
  • Financial review prior to large procedures
  • Enrollment in condition management programs
What to Expect

Affordable, Quality Healthcare

Simply put, members get affordable, high-quality healthcare that is easy to use.

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The way healthcare should be

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