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Our Health Plan Services

You shouldn’t feel short-changed by your health plan

We’re the change that’s needed. Centivo health plans provide high-quality, affordable healthcare to employers and their employees and families.


Our health plan services include a custom-built network, benefit design, and integrated administration services. You can add a Centivo plan to your benefit options, replace your TPA or carrier with Centivo, or implement Centivo so it works with your existing health plan.

Unique Plan Design

A high-value plan design that incentivizes members to coordinate their care

Our unique value-based Partnership Plan is designed to encourage members to use high-value providers, access preventive and primary care, and manage chronic conditions. This keeps out-of-pocket costs low and predictable, giving our members financial peace of mind. Furthermore, we have the flexibility to adapt the plan design, or administer any other plan design, to meet each employer’s unique needs.

Flexible Rx strategy

Employers can use our preferred PBM partners to minimize waste and reduce their pharmacy costs, or bring their own

Pharmacy spend represents 20% of a typical employer’s healthcare costs. That figure is rising as new gene therapies and specialty pharmaceuticals are introduced. By working with Centivo’s transparent PBM partners, employers can often reduce pharmacy spend by 10-20%.

Accountable Administration

Working to root out inefficiencies and ensure our members receive the best care at the right cost

Claims Admin

Claims Administration

Centivo uses the highest level of financial and operational controls to ensure no money is wasted through errors or overpayment. This includes:

  • Fully-integrated technology, which enhances connectivity between claims processing, employer, member, and provider portals, and care management technology
  • Flexibility to accommodate value-based plan designs, bundled payments, prospective payments, and dynamic pricing
  • Scrutiny of high-dollar and specialized claims
  • Ongoing monitoring of new treatments, clinical standards, and coding and claims handling
Employer Portal
Health Management
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