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Ready to rethink your health plan?

With health plan costs on the rise, and plan engagement in decline, today’s employers are saying ‘no’ to the status quo and turning to a smarter, more sustainable solution.

Centivo® is a new and proven value-based health plan anchored by thousands of high-quality providers who share our commitment to affordable healthcare.

Here’s why more employers and employees are choosing Centivo.

Affordable, common-sense plan designs

  • Free primary care, no deductibles and predictable copays
  • Annual out-of-pocket average of only $400 for our signature Partnership Plan members

Anchored on primary care

  • Dedicated primary care team to coordinate and manage individualized care
  • Primary care physicians meet exacting quality standards
  • Fully integrated virtual primary care

Curated high-performance network

  • Providers who meet strict price and quality criteria
  • Optional broad network access leveraging the Cigna network

Drive change without disruption or compromise

The time is right. And so is the plan.
Centivo Partnership Plan
  • Network built exclusively with high-value health systems
  • Significantly favorable unit price
  • Affordable-to-use plan with emphasis on primary care
21-33% average employer savings
Cigna Broad Network
  • PPO, OAP and LocalPlus Network available
  • Full plan design flexibility
Parity with traditional carrier offerings
Across Both Networks
  • Dramatic savings opportunity
  • One admin across both networks
  • No forced disruption
  • Plan options to meet needs of every member
  • Virtual care
  • Transparent PBM

With Centivo, members received more proactive, preventive care from primary care providers and less reactive care in the ER or hospital. Add to that better overall affordability, cost predictability and care coordination and everyone benefits.

We’re powering real-world savings in some of the nation’s costliest healthcare markets.

We’re powering real-world savings in some of the nation’s costliest healthcare markets.

Let’s talk about what we can do in yours.

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