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Get picky about your health plan.

Spend less. Benefit more.

Affordable CareCentivo makes getting care more affordable

Even with insurance, you may avoid going to the doctor for fear of medical bills you simply can’t afford. Centivo is removing barriers to better health.

  • Affordable Costs

    Affordable costs so you can see your doctor when you need to.

  • Primary Care Partnership

    A primary care doctor can help you stay healthier and guide you to the right care to avoid surprise bills.

  • High-Quality Network

    Centivo built its provider network with quality providers who offer great care at a great cost.

Dedicated Care TeamCentivo puts primary care first

As a member, you’ll choose an in-network doctor to guide your Primary Care Team. Your dedicated Team will:

  • Get to know you and your healthcare needs to identify any issues early on
  • Help you navigate the healthcare system so you can find the right care
  • Refer you to in-network specialists when necessary
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Want your primary care…from anywhere?

Centivo’s Virtual Primary Care practice offers a convenient alternative to in-person primary care, so you can see your Centivo Network doctor whenever — and wherever — you need care.

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When you get picky about your health plan, good things happen

High-quality healthcare without the high price tag! How does Centivo do it? Centivo's plan is built around a network of high-quality, cost efficient healthcare providers – and the savings are passed on to you.

  • Average annual savings


    On average, Centivo members spend $409 each year, compared to an industry average of $1650 for traditional health plans.

  • High provider satisfaction


    90% of Centivo members are satisfied with the high-quality healthcare providers and/or services they receive.

UNPARALLELED EXPERIENCEYour health plan should treat headaches, not create them

Navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming. Centivo built a user-friendly experience so you can focus on your health, not your plan.

  • A dedicated Primary Care Team
  • Plain-language information on how to use your plan
  • Intuitive technology and mobile app
  • Free virtual primary care
  • High-touch (and human!) member support
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Let’s Chat

Reach out to your Human Resources team to see if your company offers Centivo's health plan. Still have questions? Reach out to us anytime!