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A solution that sets you apart.

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The Undeniable Healthcare Problem

Best intentions, failed solutions

Healthcare is expensive. What’s more is that the high price tag comes with no guarantee that employers will get high quality care. While healthcare costs surge, the quality of care stagnates. Centivo is taking a fresh approach - one that delivers high quality healthcare while also lowering costs for employers and employees.


Introducing Centivo

At Centivo, we administer better health plans for your clients, their employees, and their families. Our model connects every individual with a dedicated Primary Care Team, led by a Centivo Select physician. In doing so, we help nurture closer relationships between physicians and patients. This ensures healthcare is easier to navigate and more affordable, the way it should be.

What We Offer

Health plan administration and so much more

Centivo provides all the essential services to administer a self-funded health plan. But unlike your typical third-party administrator, we don’t stop there. Our solution can be categorized into multiple services with one overarching goal: relentlessly managing your client’s money and their employees’ healthcare experience.

Why Centivo

Better quality, lower cost, less waste

By connecting every member with a dedicated Primary Care Team, our model offers your clients and their employees the high-quality healthcare they need, when they need it.  Furthermore, by getting individuals to the right doctor for every situation, we pave the way for higher quality care, lower costs, and less waste. Because that’s the way healthcare should be.

For Employers:

For Employees & Their Families: