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It’s time to radically transform healthcare affordability.

It’s time to radically transform healthcare affordability.

Our mission is to bring affordable, high-quality healthcare to the millions of workers who struggle to pay their medical bills.

The problem The healthcare system is broken

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    Rising Healthcare

    Employer healthcare costs continue to rise

    Premiums are up 43% since 2012

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    Affordable Healthcare

    Employees cannot afford to use their healthcare benefits

    50% of employees can’t afford a $400 expense, yet the average family deductible is over $3,800

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    Correlated Cost

    Healthcare quality is not correlated to cost

    Traditional networks are built for broad access, not efficiency or quality

The time for change is now.

We all know the status quo is broken. Every year – employers and employees both pay more, get less, and the vicious cycle continues. So we decided to take a bold, contrarian approach – which was to design a plan that reduces cost and enriches benefits at the same time. The only way to do this is to embrace the idea that partnering with the highest-value providers in every market is the key to unlocking healthcare affordability.

Read our Affordability Imperative:
A Pledge to Self-Funded Employers and the Workers Who Run Them

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Affordability Imperative

We pledge:
To be a strong catalyst for change in a broken healthcare system. To drive action over complacency.
And to offer health plans employers can afford to offer and employees can afford to use.

We pledge:
To break down financial barriers that prevent people from accessing the care they need.
To enable comprehensive access to convenient, high-quality and cost-effective teams of healthcare providers.
To make the patient-primary care physician relationship foundational to the delivery of care.
And to focus on providing high-touch, personal support when you need it.

We pledge:
To ensure affordable, quality care is the new standard for health in America.
And to never forget why we come to work every day:
So no employee or their family will ever have to go without care because of cost.

Our name, CENTIVO, is rooted in the word “INCENTIVEBy realigning incentives among employers, employees and providers, we create a “win-win-win” partnership that unlocks genuine, sustainable value.

We believe…

  • The best way to reduce healthcare costs is to direct patients to high-quality, high-value providers.
  • The health plan should strengthen and enforce the relationship between patients and their doctor.
  • Everyone needs a primary care partner as primary care is the foundation of effective, coordinated healthcare.
  • Members should have a health plan experience that is simple and predictable.
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Centivo believes the key to lowering health costs isn’t less care. It’s the right care. Ready to rethink your plan?

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