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A health plan anchored around high-quality healthcare providers.

A health plan that promotes what you do best — provide excellent care

Rewards for great care. Valuable data at your fingertips. Simple, no deductible plan design for less bad debt. So you can focus on your patients, not their health plans.

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Trying to locate a Centivo Network provider?

Visit the Member portal to view your ID card, search for providers, see details about your coverage and explanations of benefits and connect with Centivo Member Care.

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ALIGNED INCENTIVESYou’re rewarded for providing great care

Centivo’s model rewards providers for care coordination and patient outcomes and experience. And to further align incentives, we also offer opportunities for shared savings with employers.

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INFORMED AND MOTIVATED PATIENTSOur value-based benefit design is built on the power of primary care

Our members build strong relationships with their Primary Care Team to get the right care from appropriate providers before small concerns become big issues.

A TRUE HEALTH PLAN PARTNERAn ally in delivering patients the right care with the best possible outcomes

By partnering with Centivo, you get direct interaction with employers and better access to data. Most importantly, you have a partner in guiding patients to the right care for their needs.

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YOUR COMMITMENTCentivo provider partners go above and beyond to ensure an exceptional patient experience by:

  • Offering enhanced access to care such as same-day appointments and 24/7 phone access to clinical staff
  • Providing team and evidence-based care, including goal-directed care plans where appropriate
  • Facilitating and coordinating appropriate referrals to specialists and facilities

You’ve got questions, and we have answers

  • We start by contracting directly with high-value health systems that align with our vision and mission by focusing on:

    1. Advanced primary care-centered clinical models
    2. Patient access/experience guarantees
    3. Market-leading unit costs
    4. Value-based payments tied to primary care-centered management

    We then supplement the network with strong, independent primary care practices and targeted high-value solutions such as our Centivo Virtual Primary Care offering.

  • Similar to other regional and local plan offerings, the Partnership Plan typically utilizes other networks for out-of-area urgent care and emergencies, such as when employees are traveling and need to access care.

  • Yes, on-site clinics can be incorporated into the Centivo Network.

Centivo believes the key to lowering health costs isn’t less care. It’s the right care. Interested in working together?

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