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Access to your data. Full transparency. Simple plan design.

So you and your employees can focus on what’s important - their health.

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How it works

Optimizing your employees' use of the healthcare system

We connect every family with a dedicated Primary Care Team, led by a Centivo Select physician and nurture that partnership - because that’s the way healthcare should be.

Connecting every family with a dedicated Primary Care Team


A proprietary primary care network focused on quality, access and cost of care.


Comprehensive and coordinated primary care is proven to improve quality and reduce costs.

...that guides members to the best-suited specialty care providers


Leveraging data and insights and our providers’ knowledge to make the best referral recommendations.


Value and outcomes vary greatly among providers and it's hard for patients to pick the right ones for their needs.

...with employee incentives for working with their doctors


A dynamic benefit design that rewards members for taking the right actions.


Shared incentives increase engagement and success.

An unrivaled member experience

Fostering a stronger patient/doctor relationship

Hands-on member service

Our Member Care Team offers proactive outreach and inbound support. With a high staffing ratio and a focus on problem resolution, we ensure your employees have less waiting time to get the solutions, support and great service they deserve.

I just wanted to share with you how much I love the Centivo Plan! It’s affordable, easy and my family receives the best care from our providers. Centivo’s customer service is excellent. They are always helpful in answering questions and they genuinely care about the individual on the other end of the phone.


- Centivo Member

Inbound Support:

  • Benefit and enrollment questions
  • Activation support
  • Assistance in finding care
  • Cost estimation
  • Community resources
  • Claims questions
  • Pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) coordination
  • Enrollment in condition management programs

Outbound Services:

  • Preventive care reminders
  • Gaps in care
  • Financial review prior to large procedures
  • Enrollment in condition management programs
High-Performing Providers

Helping you navigate your healthcare

At Centivo, we only work with the highest-value practices and providers. We offer a competitive fee schedule and a clear reward structure that is in the provider’s control, with performance incentives based on prescribing on-formulary medications, integration of behavioral health, patient access and data sharing. We pay providers more for doing the right things, so they, in turn, provide great healthcare to all our members.

Centivo selects primary care providers that offer an unrivalled healthcare experience, including:

Why choose Centivo

A health plan that benefits everyone

By focusing on primary care and the highest-value providers, our model reduces healthcare spend for employers and offers your employees and their families the high-quality healthcare they need. And their doctor will be there to guide them through the system, keeping their worries and costs to a minimum. Because that’s the way healthcare should be.

For Employers:

For Employees & Their Families:

Health Plan Services

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