From day one, it’s been Centivo’s mission to make healthcare radically affordable in an industry that otherwise feeds on endlessly rising costs. Instead of continuing to simply finance a thoroughly broken system, we have successfully embraced an audacious and contrarian mandate of simultaneously reducing healthcare costs while enriching benefits.

We believe it’s time for our brand to more vividly reflect this audacity. So we’re excited to introduce you to our new look built around that philosophy. Our brand refresh is meant to support our simple and straightforward promise – to provide employers with a health plan they can afford to offer – and benefits their employees can afford to use. Period.

The updated face of Centivo centers on people – the workers at the core of our mission who deserve a health plan that’s actually a benefit. We’re working to break down the financial barriers that prevent people from accessing the care they need, enable access to high-quality cost-effective care and restore the primacy of primary care. Our imagery evokes strength, empathy, humanity and our singular focus on changing healthcare for the better.

With a cleaner design and confident color palette, our fresh brand look affirms today’s Centivo: Stimulating honest and meaningful conversations that demand solutions. Partnering with employers and providers to defy the spiraling healthcare cycle and to make local, affordable care a reality. Delivering an option that disrupts the norm, so employers and employees can spend less and benefit more.

We are grateful to the partners who helped us reach this milestone – we couldn’t have done it without you! And to those interested in exploring a transformative approach to health plans, we welcome the open dialogue.

Here’s to the future of affordable healthcare.


Ashok Subramanian Founder & CEO

Ashok founded Centivo in 2017 after observing the inefficiency in the healthcare system and the pain that has resulted for employers and employees.