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For Providers

A health plan shouldn’t keep patients away

Centivo is an innovative health plan that offers affordable, first-rate healthcare for employers, employees, and their families. With us, you can focus on providing great care.

The Centivo Partnership Plan

Let’s optimize the healthcare system together

With Centivo, every family will have a Primary Care Team as their dedicated partner to help them navigate the healthcare system.  Whenever members need additional care, their Primary Care Team can use our data and insights to refer people to the right specialists for their needs. And you can stop worrying about attracting new patients and collecting bad debt, and instead turn your attention to delivering great healthcare.

Connecting every family with a dedicated Primary Care Team


A proprietary primary care network focused on quality, access, and cost of care.


Comprehensive and coordinated primary care is proven to improve quality and reduce costs.

...that guides members to the best-suited specialty care providers


Leveraging data and insights and our providers’ knowledge to make the best referral recommendations.


Value and outcomes vary greatly among providers, and it's hard for patients to pick the right ones for their needs.

...with employee incentives for working with their doctors


A dynamic benefit design that rewards members for taking the right actions.


Shared incentives increase engagement and success.

Your Commitment

We work with providers who go above and beyond

Centivo Select providers act as the go-to destination for care and help members navigate the healthcare system.


Offering enhanced access to care such as same-day appointments and 24/7 phone access to clinical staff


Providing team and evidence-based care, including goal-directed care plans where appropriate


Facilitating and coordinating appropriate referrals to specialists and facilities


Delivering an exceptional patient experience

Why Centivo

Rewards for the right things

Centivo offers a clear rewards structure that is in the provider’s control. Furthermore, providers get payments for care coordination, incentives based on patient outcomes and experience, and opportunities for shared savings with employers.

We’re actively recruiting high-performing providers

Make Healthcare Better with Centivo