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Our Story

The way healthcare should be

Centivo is a new type of health plan that allows self-funded employers and clinicians to join forces and deliver high quality, affordable healthcare to their employees.

The Problem with Healthcare Today

Costs rise, but value doesn’t

Healthcare is expensive. What’s more is that the high price tag comes with no guarantee that you will get high-quality care. For most Americans, the current healthcare system is unaffordable and overly complicated. Reliable, high-quality healthcare has become crushingly expensive.



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Centivo is stepping up to create the health plans everyone should have.

We allow self-funded employers and clinicians to join forces and deliver high quality, affordable healthcare to their employees. An alternative to traditional insurance carriers or third-party administrators, Centivo offers the technology, network, claims processing, customer support, and population health management to fully administer health benefits for all or a portion of an employee population.

Our Beliefs

We think employees and their families deserve better

The best way to reduce healthcare costs is to direct patients to high quality, high value providers.

You don’t need to cut quality to lower costs. By cutting waste, it’s possible to improve the quality of care and save money at the same time.


The current fee-for-service healthcare system encourages the proliferation of unnecessary care. This not only increases costs, but it also results in extraneous imaging and procedures that may harm patients.


At Centivo, we find the doctors who strive to deliver the best possible healthcare. Better yet, we pay them to focus on the things that matter, like patient access, care coordination, and first-rate service. That way, you can save money and get great care every time.

Everyone needs a primary care partner as primary care is the foundation of effective, coordinated healthcare.

Coordinated care through a primary care provider has been shown to reduce costs and improve member satisfaction. We believe every individual - whether they are “sick” or “healthy”, should have a Primary Care Team. 

It can be in a traditional practice, it can be over the phone, or it can be through a worksite clinic, but it needs to be “their” healthcare practitioner. Because when people need care (and eventually, everyone will need care), they need somewhere to go and someone who will help them navigate through the system.

The health plan should strengthen and enforce the relationship between patients and their doctor.

Consumerism in healthcare doesn’t work. Prices and quality are not transparent, and individuals don’t always know what they need.


We understand that people turn to their doctors for healthcare advice, and so Centivo works hard to foster stronger, more effective relationships between patients and providers.


Because the best outcomes come from joint decision-making between the doctor and patient.

Members should have a health plan experience that is simple and predictable.

We believe a health plan should be on the member’s side. 


While other industries are moving with the times, health plans are still riddled with legalese, archaic technology, and an overabundance of paper.


Centivo offers a streamlined health plan experience, using clear language, active support, and plan education to ensure people understand their benefits, and know exactly what they will owe ahead of time.

Our name, CENTIVO, is rooted in the word “INCENTIVE”, as we believe that if we re-align incentives among employers , employees , & healthcare providers , we will create “win-win-win” partnerships to unlock genuine, sustainable value.

Centivo Stats

The numbers speak for themselves

We make the transition to Centivo smooth and stress-free by offering new members the education and support they need. With our concierge customer service, and a user-friendly member app and portal, your employees will feel confident and cared for during the entire process.

9 out of 10

members engage with Centivo to select a primary care physician within the first month.

4 seconds

is the median time to answer the member line.


of total claims dollars are for coordinated visits.

Almost 75%

of spending on doctor visits is for primary care.


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