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Recognizing the importance of primary care providers ⁠— and paying them accordingly ⁠— would improve our health care system

Ashok Subramanian October 15, 2020 It’s no coincidence that nine of the 10 best-selling NHL player jerseys are worn by forwards: fans love the guys who score the goals. But defensemen, despite their relative unpopularity, are essential to victory: their vantage point allows them to see plays as they develop, they are vocal leaders directing their team’s…

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The costs of health services vary greatly. Businesses need a partner to help them find value.

Ashok Subramanian October 5, 2020 Among the best evidence that our health care system is broken is the fact that providers bill wildly different amounts for treating something as minor as a cut: at one hospital it can set you back the price of an iPad; at another it’s more than the cost of two…

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